Comeback to you (again)

This scenography for the play Comeback to you (again) of Gregory Motton was my project to integrate the ENSATT, a school teaching all the theater jobs.
In this project, I tried to integrate the public to the main themes of the play. The characters are homeless and nomad, disabled or mad. The action is always near a road, and I chose to gather the country road and the city road. In a Beckett atmosphere, the chaos reign under the canope of the Subsistances (a place for performances, theater and dance in Lyon). There is no fronteer between the spectators and the actors so that the public is more able to be touched by the problems of the characters, and the spectators take the rôle of people in the street who don't act when they walk near homeless people.
The scenography also helps the spectator to accept the illogism and surrealistic facts of the play, by presenting unrealistic elements melted with the reality of the place.
Gregory Motton uses poor characters to criticize the capitalism system and the banks. That is why the chosen elements are only recycled, reused or reusable to be out of the system.

Pictures of the Subsistance's model, photomontages and section of the space.