In these pictures I wants to express who ridiculous is our society whith the social networks. It affects the way people live. I chose the most powerfull social network : Instagram. There, you can find ideal landscapes, people with perfect skins and bodies, products, and everything is more and more perfect, asking users to be as perfect as the others.

Today, a lot of people expose their private life online, or create some fake private life by changing their daily life to it become aesthetic. This is what I show by cutting and reorganizing some old pictures. And then, the hashetags are coming to catch more viewers. It allows to be an online celebrity and to make some product placement...

Then, a link is created beetween the pictures and the comments. It is clear that the images were not posted by the same person, but it created some funny stories or some new visions of the way people are talking about themselves.

// The pseudonyms and the comments are real but this is not to criticize those persons, I only used those screen captures to show that my speech are not exaggerated. //